Since 1952, Indianhead Oil Company has provided top Quality Lubricants to our customers
at a competitive price. We are a full line distributor of lubricants, metalworking fluids and
process oils. Our main “Family of Brands” include:
Phillips 66 and 76 Products. In addition,
we have established marketing agreements with distributors of
ExxonMobil, Shell and
Primrose Oil
products. Our strong relationships with these vendors allows Indianhead Oil to
bring excellent products that best meet your equipment's demanding requirements.

Our lines of lubricants include but are not limited to:

Passenger Car Motor Oils                                            Industrial Hydraulic Oils     
Heavy Duty Motor Oils                                                    Industrial Gear Lubes
Automotive/Truck Gear Lubes                                     Synthetic Industrial Gear lubes
Greases                                                                           Synthetic Industrial Oils
Synthetic Motor Oils                                                       Water/Glycol Fire Resistant
Synthetic Gear Lubes                                                    Synthetic Fire Resistant
Compressor Lubricants                                                Food Grade Lubricants
Metalworking Fluids                                                       Anti-Freeze                                       
Petro-Chemicals                                                            Industrial Cleaners
Industrial Gas Engine Oils                                           Rail Road Engine Oils
Process Oils                                                                   White Oils
Automotive Chemicals                                                  Absorbents
Fuel Additives

Indianhead Oil offers a complete line of services such as:

Oil Analysis Programs                                                  Lubricants Surveys
Lubricant Consolidation                                               Bulk Lubricant Storage System
Lube Equipment                                                            Inventory Management Services
Critical Time Delivery Service                                     Technical Application Services

                                     Lubricant Related Trouble Shooting

                     * Not all services may be applicable. Fees may apply*
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