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Fuel Savings Program

Indianhead Oil Customers are implementing proven technologies that have demonstrated fuel
savings greater than 5%.
See Field Results Below:

Local tests were conducted at two Country Highway Departments**

Group A
Mixed Fleet of County Hwy Dump/Patrol Trucks
Fleet Avg. 6.4 mpg
Test conducted over two month period: Sept & October
Results indicated
.5 mpg improvement average across Fleet
7% savings

Group B
Two Heavy-Haul Dump Trucks
Avg. 4.5 mpg
Test conducted over two summer months
Results indicated: 1 truck improved to 5.5 mpg
1 truck improved to just under 6 mpg
*18% avg. savings for these two trucks
* due to the low fuel mileage of these two vehicles prior to testing, this is an a-typical result

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Further Benefits of Primrose Technology include:

  • DRAMATIC reduction of Required #1 blended fuel in Winter-time use - which further enhances
fuel savings
  • Less fuel pump and injector wear
  • Keeps fuel systems clean
  • Reduces long-term use of Bio fuel affects
  • Neutralizes harmful acids that develop engine deposits
  • Breaks up moisture so you can safely burn
  • Stabilizes storage

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