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Phillips 66
With over 70 years of experience in the lubricants market, Philips 66 Lubricants have
become one of the most trusted brands.

TropArtic® Motor Oil and Phillips 66 Lubricants constantly search out new ways to grow
the product line and expand into new business sectors and niche markets.

Today, Phillips 66 Lubricants products are considered leaders among the aviation and
farm industry products, particularly throughout the Heartland, as well as other fields such
as two-cycle marine and snowmobile oils with Injex™, Synjex™ and Injex™Pro products.
The TropArtic® product line, the one that started it all, continues its longstanding success.
76 Lubricants
For more than 100 years, the 76 brand, with its distinctive ball icon, has been providing
high-performance products. Since its inception, the 76 Lubricants division has served the
world with a full selection of greases and lubricants for all types of demanding

76 branded products help keep customer's equipment operating at optimal performance
levels, allowing them to focus their energies on building and managing their own

From automobiles to trucks to heavy equipment to even the most stressful industrial
applications, 76 Lubricants can be trusted to meet industry standards for quality and
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Primrose Oil
Since 1916, Primrose Oil Company has been at the forefront of the lubricant and fuel
treatment industries and is always conscious of providing a “total value” product.
Primrose Plus and Premium Select highlight our commitment of maintaining leadership
in these industries.

Only the highest quantity base stocks and additives chemistries are consistently used
during development and manufacturing. This results in top quality products able to
outperform normal expectations. Superior performance directly improves “the bottom
line” by reducing maintenance costs while increasing overall equipment productivity.

A changing technology base, changing customer demands, and a desire to meet the
needs of the future, is keeping Primrose on the move… movement that is carrying us
forward today and tomorrow.